Published outcomes of the BUP symposium will be the following:

Book of Abstracts

Book of Abstracts: will be distributed by the BUP Coordinating Secretariat and will be made available via this symposium web site, as well as the Baltic University Programme's main web site.

Special Issue Journal Sustainability:

We have an agreement with the journal Sustainability to host a special issue "Challenges and Possibilities for Sustainable Development in a Baltic Sea Region context" as an outcome from the BUP Symposium 2020. The Baltic University Programme has the opportunity to pay and publish a number of papers for this special issue. Researchers with accepted abstracts are welcome to submit full papers for potential publication.
Deadline: 10th of August 2020. Detailed information about the process to be announced.


There will be a possibility to submit full papers as a contribution to the book "Universities, Sustainability and Society: Supporting the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals”. It will be part of the award-winning “World Sustainability Series”, published by Springer, one of the world´s top five scientific publishers edited by Prof. Walter Leal from the Baltic Universities Research and Publications Programme (BUPRaP).
For more information contact Prof. Walter Leal.