Keri Facer

Zennström Professor in Climate Change Leadership Uppsala University

Professor of Educational Futures, University of Bristol, UK

Keri Facer is Professor of Educational and Social Futures at the University of Bristol, School of Education. She works on rethinking the relationship between formal educational institutions and wider society and is particularly concerned with the sorts of knowledge that may be needed to address contemporary environmental, economic, social, and technological changes.

Since 2013, Keri has been Leadership Fellow for the RCUK Connected Communities Programme. This research programme is creating new relationships between communities and universities, drawing on arts and humanities perspectives and methods to enable new forms of knowledge production to address urgent contemporary issues.

Keri’s aim is to work across the whole of Uppsala University to explore how universities can build partnerships with local, national, and international communities, how we can develop powerful knowledge, and how we can educate students to enable the massive transitions we need to live well with climate change.

Keri Facer 


Petra Schneider

Prof. Dr. rer. nat, University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg - Stendal, Magdeburg, Germany

Dr. Petra Schneider is Full Professor for International Water Management and Study Course Director of the master program "Ecological Engineering" at the University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg - Stendal, Germany. She focuses her teaching and research on sustainable resource planning and management, and has developed an internationally renowned knowledge of water management.  Petra Schneider 
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